The municipal education system operates successfully in Togliatti, being represented by more than 250 institutions of different types and legal forms realizing the programs of preschool, general and supplementary education.

Municipal educational institutions maintain programs aimed at studying of the foreign languages. Consequently, an international class (teaching in French) and 2 bilingual classes (teaching in French and Italian) were established on the schools’ premises. The city’s high-quality and diverse educational services are available thanks to highly-skilled teachers of Togliatti schools, lyceums, and gymnasiums. It is not a coincidence that five Togliatti schools were ranked in Top-500 Russian schools list.

Due to a large number of industrial enterprises in Togliatti there are many elementary and secondary vocational institutions.

Moreover, a unique international educational project «Volga- Val-d’Oise» in the sphere of cooperation, student and teacher exchanges between Togliatti elementary and secondary vocational education institutions and Val-d’Oise (France) vocational schools started developing in Togliatti since 2010. It needs to be noted that this is presently the only educational project of such kind  that is being implemented jointly by Russia and France.

Togliatti’s higher educational institutions are represented by 6 universities and institutes widely-known outside of  the city that take leading positions in the regional and national ratings. HEIs prepare specialists, bachelors, and masters in different academic fields. Besides, there are branches of the Russian hugest institutions such as branch of The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration present in Togliatti

What is more, there is a wide network of supplementary education institutions and centers providing qualification courses in the city.

Thanks to a great number of special educational institutions, more than 13 thousand graduates with primary, secondary and higher education annually become highly-sought for employees for Togliatti’s enterprises.

Education in Togliatti presentation in English