Questionnaire for foreign visitors and residents

Esteemed visitors of the city, dear friends,
The mayor’s office of Togliatti welcomes you in the city. We are doing our best to make your stay here comfortable and safe. For this, we have prepared the questionnaire for our city guests to answer.
Your answers will help us in making your living in Togliatti more interesting and versatile, and assist the city administration in improving its work.
We will appreciate it if you could provide your answers to the department of foreign economic relations and city marketing, using the following e-mail address:
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and wish you the best in your stay in the city of Togliatti.
Kind regards,
Natalia Hrist
Head of Department of International and Interregional Relations
City Hall of Togliatti


Questionnaire for foreign citizens visiting or residing in the city of Togliatti