City Symbols

Togliatti coat of arms


The modern Togliatti coat of arms (1996) is an azure heraldic shield with golden elements on it: four rhombuses, black cross is in the bottom; three bond maiden bolverks, which pass into the fore of ancient Volga boats in the top part; the zigzag line, which symbolizes Zhiguli mountain group, is in top of the shield. There is also a so called "full" Togliatti coat of arms.


Coat of arms
in full version

Description of the full coat of arms:

The shield is separated into four parts. In the first and fourth parts in azure (blue) a field there is the overturned broken rafter connected on the ends to contrary directed snouts of a ships, accompanied with rhombus inside terminated crosswise and burdened in the bottom quarter with a black highly-abstract cross. There is the gear broken belt at the head of a board about three big and two small teeth; all figures are golden; in the second and third parts in a gold field the lowered dark red consolidation in the form of green, bordered with ornament, the overturned triangle with ledges (bastions) in the corners and over it there is a black highly-abstract cross, the lower end of which is placed in the middle of the bastion.


New coat of arms

Description of the daily (small) coat of arms:

There is an overturned broken rafter in azure (blue) panel joined with opposite rooks at the ends of their noses, supported with lozenge inside , and burdened terminated cross in the bottom quarter of the black increasingly abstractive cross. At the head of the shield there is the broken-toothed belt of the three large and two small teeth. All the figures are gold. Coat of arms is included in the State Heraldic Register and has the number 123.

Flag of Togliatti

On December 7th, 2005 the Resolution No. 312 of the City Council of Tolyatti “About the Provision on official symbols of the urban district of Togliatti and the order of their use" was accepted. According to the Provision text:

The flag of the city is of blue cloth, with yellow figures of new coat of arms of Togliatti in its center. The ratio of width to length of the flag is 2:3.