There are 14 municipal sports schools in Togliatti, dealing with more than 30 kinds of sports, where more than 14 900 children, young people and youth are involved in. Yuri Konoplyov Academy of football has a very good reputation. It is a unique educational and training center for young football–players in Russia.

The glory of Togliatti’s athletes has long ago reached far beyond Russia    

The Olympic Champions of Togliatti:
Anatoly Yarkin (Cycle-racing, 1980).
Vyacheslav Butsayev and Alexey Kovalyov (ice-hockey, 1992).
Alexey Nemov – 4 time Olympic Champion (sports gymnastics, 1996, 2000).
Irina Bliznova, Daria Dmitrieva, Tatyana Yerokhina, Yekaterina Ilyina (handball, 2016).

There are 90 World and Europe Champions for acrobatics, handball, cycle-racing, ice speedway, yachting, trampoline and tumbling gymnastics, diving, sports gymnastics, karate, unarmed combat and ice-hockey. Modern sports facilities, that meet the international standards, were created in the city for these types of sports.
In 1992, Everest – the highest mountain of the world (8,848 m) was conquered for the first time in the world by the team consisting only of Togliatti mountain-climbers. In May 2004, Andrey Mariyev, a citizen of Togliatti, being a member of the Russian combined team (three persons), for the first time in the world, did the ascent of the Elbrus mountain along the center of the northern wall.  

Sports traditions of the city 

Track and field relay, dedicated to the holiday of Victory Day, has been held since 1961 along the streets of the Togliatti Central District; more than one hundred teams take part in it.

Togliatti ski marathon race – has been held since 1988, at present it enters top six marathon races in Russia.
Samarskaya Luka is the pearl of the Samarskaya Region. The Volga River bend gave an origin of the tourist rout entitled “Zhiguli cruise around tour”. Since 1969, every spring the most mass in the world tourist rafting has been held upon the rout – during ten days more than 700 people go through 140 km in rowing boats (more than 50 ship’s boats) along the picturesque places of the Volga River. The program of the rout includes the sports contests and some cultural program. The rout “Zhiguli cruise around tour” in its speedy passage has been selected by some other types of tourism: annually “the speedy Zhiguli cruise around tours” are held both along water and on foot, on skies and bicycles.
For the smallest sportsmen – the children of kindergartens - the “Merry Starts” contests have been held annually since 1999, where the children participate together with their parents.

Togliatti is the city of sports festivals. More than 1,700 participants from Russia and foreign countries take part already in the International Children’s Handball Festival, which since 2002 has been held during the City Day Holiday, is very popular not only in our country but far beyond it. Since 2007, the “Zhiguli Basket” Festival of basketball is held in Togliatti, where 32 best teams from 16 cities of Russia take part. “World of Movements and Beauty” Festival for aerobics is very popular in Togliatti. The traditional festivals for sports single combats are of great success at the citizens of Togliatti.

A perfect arrangement of the largest competitions caused the annual arrangement in Togliatti the mass All-Russia competitions as “Ski-Track of Russia”, “Nations Running”, “Russian Azimuth”, “Orange Ball”.

Star sports in Togliatti 

The most dynamically developed type of sports in Togliatti for the recent years has become a handball. In 2003, a Championship of Europe between the girls born in 1985 was held in the city. The LADA women handball team is a 6-times champion of Russia and a winner of European Cups. 20 World and Europe champions have been trained in the Club.

One of the leading Olympic types of sports is yachting. The Togliatti sportsmen of yachting participated successfully in 4 Olympic Games and currently make up about 30% of the Russian National Team. Yury Konovalov, the Togliatti yachtsman, is the World and Europe Champion in Tornado class.

The city called Russian automotive capital cannot be imagined without motor sports. The annual motor sports competitions gather ten thousands of fans at the Togliatti polygons. Togliatti racing crews have been successful at the championships of Russia and Europe for rally, cross-country, circuit races and also in Paris-Beijing and Paris-Dakar, which are the most difficult road rallies.
At the 60s-70s of the last century the name of the academician of the acrobatics school in Togliatti Vitaly Groisman resounded over the whole of the Soviet Union, he had trained 29 world and Europe champions for sports acrobatics. Currently, this work is carried out by Togliatti SDUSSHOR-7, where the Europe and World Champions have been trained in sports acrobatics and trampoline tumbling.

Togliatti is one of three Russian cities where All-Russia and international tennis competitions are held. The Togliatti Tennis Center, with its courts ranking among the best in Europe, is a place where the highest–level tournaments can be held.

The LADA hockey team is also a worthy representative of Togliatti. LADA was the first Russian team to win the European Cup and Continental Cup.

A speedway team – MEGA-LADA – is very popular in Togliatti. It is a leader in the national championship, a 9-times champion of Russia, also representing Togliatti at international events. MEGA-LADA team has won 3 times the European Champion Cup. Currently in Togliatti there is sports and technical complex–speedway stadium, the best in Europe. The first Russian speedway sports school for children was opened at this stadium.  

In 2007, the SDUSSHOR-TOGLIATTI basketball team was created in Togliatti in order to participate at the Championship of Russia among male teams of the High League. Despite of the fact that the team has been existed only for the second year it has achieved significant results. In 2007-2008 season it was recognized as the best club for arrangement of national tournaments, and in 2008–2009 season the SDUSSHOR-TOGLIATTI team took the first place in the Championship of Russia for basketball among men of the High League. Noting the high level for competitions arrangement the MBA decided to hold the Zone Phases of the Russian Basketball Championship among young men in Togliatti.     

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